Our careers programme is overseen by our Careers Lead –  Rachael Denham

 If you have any questions regarding careers or would like further advise, please contact Rachael via email: rdenham@oakfieldlodge.cheshire.sch.uk.

The Baker Clause requires all schools and academies to provide opportunities for a range of education and training providers access to all year 8 to 13 pupils to inform them about approved technical education qualifications and apprenticeships. This  can be a great way for employers to find future employees and help to develop the skills and qualifications to ensure young people fit into the vision for your business. For information on how you can work with the students at Oakfield Lodge, please contact our Careers Lead – Rachael Denham


Oakfield Lodge School promotes an environment in which students recognise and develop a knowledge and understanding of opportunities that are available to them in future. As they progress through the school the opportunities are broadened with careers advice, visits to colleges, college placements and work experience. Students gain cultural capital by attending a variety of educational settings and having interviews with careers advisors from KS3. 


The careers programme is designed to deliver up to date guidance on the various post 16 options, how to apply and a general knowledge of the world of work. The programme has been created to fit in with the Gatsby Benchmarks.   

Students will experience careers education throughout their time at Oakfield Lodge and the information is incorporated into all lessons across the curriculum so that students are able to recognise the importance of different subjects and how they can lead to different careers. 


The main impact of careers education is to ensure students make positive post 16 choices and are able to maintain placements once they leave Oakfield Lodge. 

Students are supported to be ambitious by being given careers advice that links qualifications to specific post 16 pathways and jobs and that encourages them to make the best choice for their future. 

Careers Policy IAG Oakfield

Provider Access Policy Statement 23 24

Learning Pathways

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Gatsby Benchmarks

In December 2017 the government released its new careers strategy. This new strategy focuses on children of all ages and aims to connect the worlds of education and employment.

The strategy focuses on the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. By the end of 2020, all schools have to be fully compliant with the 8 areas.

All schools have to have a Careers Leader in place by September 2018. At Oakfield Lodge our Careers Leader is Miss Denham.

A key focus of the new strategy is to ensure that all young people have at least one employer encounter by 2020.

At Oakfield Lodge we fully embrace opportunities for students to have employer experiences and access to work placements and visiting guests from all areas of work.

The careers strategy document can be accessed by clicking on the link below;


Since March 2018, we used the Compass Tool to assess our current position against the 8 benchmarks.

We work closely with The Careers and Enterprise Company and our Pledge Enterprise Coordinator to ensure we are meeting each of the Benchmarks. This is reviewed each half term, the latest report can be found here


Benchmark Priority Actions
A stable careers programme A whole school careers policy and action plan will be in place, approved by governors by September 2018.
Learning from career and labour market information. All students and parents will have access to up to date information relative to our geographical area to help our students make informed decisions.
Addressing the needs of each pupil. We will keep systematic records of each students’ experiences of careers and enterprise activities.
Linking curriculum learning to careers. The majority of students (76%) will have meaningful career learning experiences in English, Maths, Science and PSHE lessons.
Encounters with employers and employees. We will continue to provide opportunities for all students to visit different employers and benefit from visiting employees to the school.
Experiences of workplaces All pupils will have had the opportunity of a work based learning opportunity by the end of year 11.
Encounters with further and higher education. All students will have experience of sixth form colleges, training providers and universities by the end of year 11.

All students will have access to information relating to the full range of apprenticeships.

Personal guidance By the end of year 11 all students will have had access to an interview with an impartial careers advisor.

We have strong links and work closely with;
Changing Education
The Skills and Growth Company
South Cheshire College
Reaseheath College

We have engaged in the following activities;
Visits to South Cheshire Colelge
Visits to Reaseheath College
Visits to Lymm Fire Station
CV writing
Interview practice
Completing post 16 applications

We have had visiting Speakers from;
Schools Police Liaison Officer
Job Centre – Schools advisor

Year 10 and 11 Work Experience has included;
Catering and front of house
Child care
Construction and trade


Careers Provision 22 23


Student Destinations


Cheshire College 46% 6
Apprenticeship 23% 3
Macclesfield College 15% 2
Total People 15% 2


Oakfield Lodge destinations 2019

Oakfield Lodge destinations 2018


At Oakfield Lodge we have expanded the vocational qualifications that we offer our students via Reaseheath College. We now have year 9, 10 and 11’s doing a range of courses. Our year 9 cohort complete the KS3 Animal Management course, this give them the opportunity to work with a variety of animals from field mice to alpacas and cockroaches to chickens, giving them a taste of college life. Years 10 and 11 can choose from a wide range of studies ranging from Animal Care to Food Technology and Construction to Motor Vehicle. Current students are studying Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture and Construction at Level 1.
The KS4 courses last two years and combine theory and practical work in each subject area. The courses are assessed by internal classwork, observations and external exams. External exams take place during the first term for year 11 students.