We are currently reviewing all documents and adopting Manor Hall Academy Trust policies, following conversion

All school policies are reviewed annually by the Management Committee at Oakfield Lodge. If you require any additional policies or hard copies please contact the school office on admin@oakfieldlodge.cheshire.sch.uk

Acceptable Use Policy LR 0920 NR 0921

Accessibility Plan Aut22 Aut24

Allegations of Abuse Sum22 Sum23

Attachments Exclusions Policy LR 0920 NR 0921

Attendance Policy Aut22 Aut23

Behaviour Policy LR0522 NR0523

Capability Policy and Procedure for Teachers LR0921 NR0922

Cared for children policy LR0920 NR2023

Child on Child Abuse Policy Sept22 Sep24

Child Protection and Safeguarding LR0922 NR0923

Code of Conduct Aut21 Aut24

Complaints Policy Aut22 Aut23

Data Protection Summer Sum22 Sum23

Disciplinary Policy LR0322 NR0323

Disciplinary Procedure LR0322 NR0323

Driver Policy Aut22 Aut25

Estate Management Aut22 Aut25

Equality & Diversity Policy LR0922 NR0923

Exculsion Policy Spr22 Spr23 

First Aid Policy LR 0921 NR 0924

Freedom of Information Policy Aut22 Aut23

Governors Allowances LR 0920 NR 0922

Grievance Procedure LR 0920 NR 0921

Health and Safety LR 0920 NR0921

ICT Acceptable use Policy Mar22 Mar25

Lone Working Policy Aut 22 Aut25

Menopause Support Policy Aut 22 Dec25

Mental Health Policy Student LR0621 NR0623

Pay Policy for School Teaching Staff LR0122 NR0123

PSHE Policy LR0621 NR0623

Remote Learning Policy Spr21 Sum23

RSE Policy LR0621 NR0623

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy LR0323

SEND Policy LR0421 NR0422

Standards of Conduct LR 0920 NR 0921

Suspenison and Exculsion Policy Aut22 Aut23

Teacher Appraisal Policy LR1121 NR1122

Teachers Pay Policy LR 0920 NR 0921

Teaching Learning & Assessment Policy ( New Policy awaiting approval)

Travel and Expenses Policy LR 1120 NR 1121

Whistleblowing Policy Aut22 Aut23