Curriculum intent

At Oakfield Lodge our curriculum is designed to recognize that when students join us, they are often disengaged and disenchanted with learning. They often have low expectations of their own abilities. Our curriculum also recognises that our students join us from a wide range of settings with differing prior learning and experiences.

The fundamental purpose of our curriculum model is to reengage students in their education and inspire a love of learning.

We challenge all of our students to develop their interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers. All with the aim of preparing them to move onto their ‘forever school’.

We recognize that every student is a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.

We believe that the ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning through different mechanisms.

We believe that a student’s time at Oakfield Lodge should be happy. Giving confidence to enquire and investigate. Fostering a desire to be curious and a courage to try new experiences and gain new knowledge.

We use our school ethos ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’ to promote positive attitudes to learning which reflect the values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success.

We believe that we are an integral part of the wider community. We develop this through our curriculum. By learning new skills our students can be strong members of our communities both now and in the future.

Students move on from Oakfield Lodge at differing paces, dependant on their needs and determination. Students transition to their ‘forever school’ when they are ready to transfer the skills and knowledge they have gained and apply them in a new and appropriate setting.

Our students leave with a sense of pride and belonging to a tightly knit ‘family’, where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections, accept challenge and become lifelong aspirational learners.

Nurture curriculum Years 7 and 8

When students join us at KS3 our aim is to return young people to school as swiftly as possible.
Our curriculum aims to keep students up to date with their peers whilst identifying gaps in learning and accelerating progress in these areas.
A significant focus on social skills and emotional regulation is needed to remove barriers to learning and identify any additional needs that students may have.

The curriculum includes:

Physical Education
Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning

For students who are behind in their chronological reading age, additional support is provided through withdrawal to enable them to rapidly catch up.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Lao Tzu

Our three core principals

  • To create responsible citizens
  • To create confident, happy individuals who are able to live safe, fulfilling lives
  • To create learners who truly enjoy learning and being successful

Curriculum Catch Up Policy 2020

For our small number of students who have not attended school since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have devised a robust catch up plan to ensure they can catch up on missed learning. Students will be baseline tested in Reading, Maths and English w/c 07.09.20.

Prior assessment data measured against new baseline data will be used to set appropriate interventions needed for individual students.

Intervention plans will include:

· 1:1 work with English and Maths teachers in timetabled teacher intervention time. Targeted support for individual students.

· Students provided with MyMaths login, students can access lessons from home, enabling independent study and revision for GCSE.

· Students provided with Renaissance Learning login, using Accelerated Reader, monitoring and managing independent reading practice, motivating students to read for pleasure and advancing their reading age.

· 1:1 work with TAs to focus on practising new learning

· Using form time to focus on specific learning activities- Using resources on Google classroom provided by RG.

· Using form time to focus on reading development with the English Lead NC and TA DM “Drop everything and read”

· Timetabled additional maths and/or English lessons (in place of other non-core lessons on student timetables)

· For GCSE students, use Friday enrichment time for one or two days to provide extra ‘catch up’ sessions.

· Tasks put onto Google Classroom from all curriculum areas for students to practise skills at home with parents’ support.


Catch up Curriculum Policy 2020

Oakfield Lodge Covid 19 Catch Up funding 20 -21

Curriculum Implementation

KS3 Year 9 Students studying a variety of subjects. The curriculum includes:
English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Humanities, Art, Technology, SMSC, Physical Education, Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning.
KS4 Year 10 Students will complete GCSE Maths, GCSE English, GCSE Science Trilogy, SMSC, With options of GCSE in Art or L1 & L2 Home Cooking skills, L1 Construction, ICT Functional Skills. Some students also complete L2 Vocational qualification at Reaseheath College.

Preparation for adult life – allows students to learn in different ways such as off site, with external providers and a range of activities.   These learning opportunities cover subjects such as Staying Safe, Pathways, Relationships, Community and Work-ready Skills

Year 11 Students will complete GCSE Maths, GCSE English, GCSE Biology, SMSC, L1 & L2 Home Cooking skills, ICT Functional Skills.  With some students (depending on need) engaging in Work Experience with Changing Education.
Tuition Students will follow a bespoke package of learning based on their unique learning needs. With a significant focus on developing social skills to be a good community member and remain safe.

Additional support and enrichment

Students have access to peripatetic music lessons delivered in conjunction with The Love Music Trust, these are provided free of charge by the school.

1:1 mentoring is available to students who require bespoke and targeted intervention for additional emotional needs

All students have access to our Visyon Counsellor on a weekly basis if required.

Students have access to Art Therapy if required on a 1:1 basis

Students who require additional therapeutic support can be provided with animal therapy as part of their learning experience.

Deep Learning Days

Deep Learning Days, when the normal lesson timetable is suspended, take place during the year.  These days allow students to experience a richer, deeper learning opportunity.

KS3 Nurture British Values – Democracy – Proud to be British Staying safe – Emotional resilience and Yoga Work Ready – Team Building Day Staying Safe – Safety Central visit Mental Health and Wellbeing – Vysion Work Ready Skills – Cheshire Show
Year 10 Religious Education – Cultural visit Staying safe – Drugs and Alcohol Work Ready Skills – AO visit Staying Safe – CSE Mental Health and Wellbeing – Hate Crime and Bullying Work Ready Skills – Careers visits
Year 11 British Values – The Holocaust Staying Safe – Knife Crime and Gangs Work Ready Skills – Careers visits Staying Safe – Relationships and the law Mental Health and Wellbeing – Exam stress