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Exam information

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Arrangements for appeals for AS, A level and GCSE grading 2020.

Free Schools Meals

FSM letter to apply DEC 2020

Free School Meals 13/05/20

Free School Meals 


Caring for Somebody Else’s Child

Home Learning: Government document with links to a wide range of resources. 

Home Learning Resources

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

National Child Expoitation Awareness Day Info

Safe Guarding Adults


Safeguarding adults info for Covid-19

Safeguarding adults info for self-isolating

School Nurse Service:

Is still available to contact for advice and support  School nurses can be contacted Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm via the non-emergency duty desk number 03001234578.

Supporting children & parents during the out break.

Supporting Children Anna Frued Foundation

Lockdown Support for Parents 13/07/20

Lockdown Support for Parents 01/06/20

  VisYon Support Services

Visyon Parent Webinar Information

Visyon Connect AUTUMN 2020

Looking after mental health





School Uniform Options