Offsite Tuition

Mirroring the school’s Mission Statement, ‘Ensuring every child can achieve their full potential’, the Off-Site

Tutors deliver a truly bespoke programme of study and experiences which is driven by the individual needs and learning styles of each student.  This incorporates Preparation for Adulthood, SMSC and curriculum subjects within a truly nurturing and flexible environment.

When ready, students are encouraged to engage in a work experience placement which will help them develop resilience and so preparing them for working life. Close links with parents are highly valued and the team works closely with other external agencies to ensure that our students receive a holistic experience that not only addresses their educational needs, but also supports their physical, mental and emotional health.

Food Technology

Some off-site students have access to kitchen facilities and so cookery is part of their PFA (Preparation for Adulthood).


Remembrance Day Art

As part of Remembrance Day, students have created a piece of art to show their respect and gratitude for service men and women. Using a range of techniques such as collage, tea staining, silhouettes and shading, students have achieved a moving tribute on Remembrance Day.

British Values

During our British Values week, students have all contributed towards a British Values flag which shows their individual values and how they translate into our society as shared values.

Design and Technology

As part of our broad curriculum, we offer opportunities for students to develop their skills in areas such as DT. The students use their fine motor skills and problem solving.