Information packs containing logging on details, for laptops, and instructions for Google classroom for students working at home can accessed below and printed off.

What should learners be working on if they are having to isolate at home?

​​If we are faced with a school closure due to lockdown and staff have to work remotely, a timetable will be published on the school website for each year group to follow.  Staff will be available via Google Classroom at those times.

 If learners are well and working at home:

The tasks that would have been delivered during lesson time will be available to engage with on the relevant subject Google Classroom areas. The message facility in the classroom can be used to ask the teacher for any clarification.

For Art, Design & Technology and PE subjects, it is sometimes more difficult for learners working at home to undertake the same tasks as learners in school. Therefore, in these subjects, alternative resources will be uploaded to the relevant Google Classroom areas.

If learners are unwell:

The tasks that would have been delivered during lesson time will remain on the subject Google Classroom area for learners to engage with when they are feeling better.

If you have any urgent concerns that cannot be addressed using the message function on the relevant Google Classroom, you can raise these by emailing. Please specify the learner and year group in any communication. During the period of isolation, school will make contact to see how learners are getting on and to help with any concerns or queries.

Common questions

I cannot access the Google Classroom.  What should I do?

Please read the Google Classroom Guide at the start of our Resources tab opposite.

If learners are still experiencing problems for any reason, please contact the school on and outline the issue. Please specify the learner and year group in any communication.  Your message will be passed on to the relevant member of staff and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What should learners do if they can’t access the google classroom for a lesson that is in progress?

If learners have accessed their subject Google Classroom at the same time that their lesson is being delivered and the work is not there, please complete the following before contacting the class teacher via the Google Classroom or by email:

  • Review previous work set on the Google Classroom and ensure own work is up to date
  • Allow the teacher 5 minutes to settle their live class, take the register and upload the resources (this is done during the 5 minutes’ reading at the start of lessons so learners at home can also be engaging with their reading during this time)