Mirroring the school’s Mission Statement, ‘Ensuring every child can achieve their full potential’, the Off-Site Tutors deliver a learning pathway for each student which is driven by their individual needs and learning styles and prepares them for their move into their forever school at KS3 and supports their post 16 aspirations at KS4.

Our vision is to for our students to discover ambition and enthusiasm towards their chosen pathways, to believe in themselves and to reignite their love for learning and the world around them. We strive to empower all students and support them to become ambitious by helping them to identify and work towards their chosen career, by supporting their SMSC needs with a focus on social skills, by providing a motivating and success driven curriculum and by immersing them in a wealth of enriching activities.


Their pathway incorporates Preparation for Adulthood, SMSC, PSHE and curriculum subjects within a truly nurturing and flexible environment with a significant focus on developing social skills to be a good community member and be safe. Close links with parents are highly valued and the team works with other external agencies to ensure that students receive a holistic experience that not only addresses their educational needs, but also supports their physical, mental and emotional health.

We work closely with onsite subject leads to assess students, thus enabling us to identify gaps in learning and starting points for their individual learning pathways. We develop our students’ literacy and numeracy skills by adapting the subject learning journeys to suit each individual’s unique needs.  Additional support is given to overcome any other barriers to learning.

When ready, students are encouraged to engage in a work experience placement which will help them develop skills, interests and resilience and so preparing them for working life.

We enhance our students’ cultural capital by including trips offered in curriculum subjects studied and by additional visits to local museums, theatres, library workshops and places of interest, by engaging in easier and more challenging countryside walks and by eating out in a variety of places.

We recognise that reading underpins students’ ability to access the curriculum and embed reading into tuition time through regular current news stories; reading for pleasure each session which could be magazines of interest to the students, extracts included in a tuition reading booklet and access to library books where possible; through having regular Drop Everything & Read (DEAR) sessions and through a focus on increasing students’ vocabulary to ensure success socially, emotionally and in academic subjects.


At each stage of learning students should be able to demonstrate knowledge gained.  Both written and oral feedback is given throughout each session.  Knowledge gained in core subjects is clearly shown on target sheets which are revisited half termly in exercise books.

Many students on tuition successfully move on to their forever school.  Other students achieve results in line with onsite students enabling them go on to secure apprenticeships and college courses in their chosen interests.

We will help you to:

  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Gain qualifications (AQA Unit Awards, BTEC Home Cooking, Functional Skills and GCSEs)
  • Enjoy Preparation for Adulthood activities linked to your interests and earn AQA Unit Awards alongside them
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities such as Cookery, Gym, Art, Welfare Walk &Talks and Café visits
  • Develop new practical skills on work experience (construction, mechanics, hair and beauty etc.)
  • Improve behaviour and anger management (with opportunities for rewards for good behaviour and engagement)
  • Take part in Forest School activities, Cre8 and Project Inc
  • Keep safe, healthy and prepare for work and lifelong learning through PSHE
  • Plan your future and secure a job, college place or apprenticeship post 16

Food Technology

Some off-site students have access to kitchen facilities and so cookery is part of their PFA (Preparation for Adulthood).


Remembrance Day Art

As part of Remembrance Day, students have created a piece of art to show their respect and gratitude for service men and women. Using a range of techniques such as collage, tea staining, silhouettes and shading, students have achieved a moving tribute on Remembrance Day.

British Values

During our British Values week, students have all contributed towards a British Values flag which shows their individual values and how they translate into our society as shared values.

Design and Technology

As part of our broad curriculum, we offer opportunities for students to develop their skills in areas such as DT. The students use their fine motor skills and problem solving.